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House Appropriations Proposes Specific Cuts for the Continuing Resolution

Yesterday morning I posted about impending budget cuts to FDA for the next fiscal year and posed the question whether or not less money might equate to less enforcement. Ironically, a short time later, the House Appropriations Committee released a … Continue reading

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The Ever Growing FDA – Pending Regulations and Proposed Legislation

 The Food and Drug Administration now regulates about one-fourth of the goods in the American economy.  That's a lot of stuff.  The agency oversees biologics and drugs product approvals, labeling for a slew of medical products, medical product manufacturing standards … Continue reading

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White House Opens Up New Web Site on Health Care Reform

In addition to the existing site, the Obama Administration has set up a new part of WhiteHouse.Gov called "Reality Check" to address some of the myths surrounding the debate on health care reform.  It is good use of a … Continue reading

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The Other Health Care Reforms – FDA Growing by Leaps and Bounds

When the term "health care reform" is uttered, the mind unfailingly goes to think of the current bills being debated here in Washington to change the way health care is delivered in this country, most notably H.R.3200.  But there are … Continue reading

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Are Increased Foreign Inspections of Plants the Answer to Better Risk Management?

This week, Senators Kennedy and Grassley announced that they were reviving a legislative proposal from the last Congress that would increase the ability of the FDA to conduct foreign inspections of manufacturing facilities for drugs and devices where components are … Continue reading

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