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Guidance on Social Media – But Not the One You Think….

Last week the bookstore Borders announced that it would be liquidating its remaining stores. ¬†On the PBS News Hour, Jeffrey Brown spoke with Slate’s Annie Lowry about the giant chain went from having huge box bookstores to the end of … Continue reading

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Kaiser Report on HIV/AIDS and Medicare Part D

Relating to today’s earlier post on Ryan White reauthorization, another source of support for people with HIV has been Medicare.  Today the Kaiser Family Foundation released a report on Medicare Part D and how people with HIV are faring under … Continue reading

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In Medicare Part D Failures, an Opportunity

As has been long awaited and discussed herein, many elderly are reaching the Medicare Part Donut-hole as evidenced by articles in both the Sunday New York Times and the Washington Post.  Both papers profile and document the surprise and fear … Continue reading

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The Supremes and Generics

You have to admire Washington.  It is the only city in the United States where, when you don’t do anything, you make news.  At least if your name is Supreme Court. Monday the Associated Press noted that the Supremes have … Continue reading

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Generics and Pricing, Part II – A Drug, A Price and a Senator

Recently Merck announced a lowering of the price of Zocor (simvastatin) in a move that presumably will put their brand name drug in a competitive position vis a vis an upcoming generic product, just approved by the FDA.  This brought … Continue reading

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