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A Rule of Thumb – Some Tips for Pre-Approval Communications Around Data Milestones

When an investigational product is working its way down the clinical trial path, it is natural for a drug sponsor to want to communicate about its progress.  But when it comes to pre-approval communications, there are some caveats, particularly respecting … Continue reading

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Generics and Pricing, Part II – A Drug, A Price and a Senator

Recently Merck announced a lowering of the price of Zocor (simvastatin) in a move that presumably will put their brand name drug in a competitive position vis a vis an upcoming generic product, just approved by the FDA.  This brought … Continue reading

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A New Day in Public Relations and Pharma Marketing

Related to yesterday’s posting, one of the consequences of the "new environment" of the post-COX-2s is that, because issues involving drug approval are getting more attention from both the public in general and policy makers in particular, the communications issues … Continue reading

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Clouds on the Horizon, Part 2

On Friday, I discussed the fact that there are some clouds on the horizon for the image of the pharmaceutical industry as the Medicare Drug Benefit matures. Today, I’m looking further out on the horizon.  The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers … Continue reading

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Balancing a Diet – Balancing an Ad

The other night while watching the news, during a rare break from pharmaceutical advertising, there was a commercial for a multiple vitamin.  The ad extolled the virtues of the product, and then in a little snippet that I almost missed, … Continue reading

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