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This is Your State – This is Your State on Drugs

In years gone by, I have taken occasion to write a posting with this title to take a look at the policy activity that is going on at the state level that impacts medicines. It has been a few years … Continue reading

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Legislative Proposals in the 114th Congress

Every so often, EyeonFDA has an update for you on legislation that is proposed in the Congress that would impact the medical product marketplace if passed.  The new Congress has just two months old and while the last Congress was … Continue reading

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Is There a Doctor in the House? The Medical Background of Congress

Congress oversees a great deal that has to do with health care.  You may have heard a little about that little piece of legislation that was passed called the Affordable Care Act (a/k/a Obamacare), comprehensively reforming our system of healthcare … Continue reading

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Election Impact – The New Class

Around elections, I have usually tried to provide some insight into where candidates stood on health care related issues, particularly affecting the development and marketing of medical products.  I wasn’t able to do that through this election cycle, but now … Continue reading

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Now What? Post-Election and FDA

We are finally post-election.  The sense of relief that one can watch or listen to broadcast television or radio without seeing campaign ads is still being felt nationwide.  Facebook sidebars are free of political jabber and de-friending over politics has … Continue reading

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