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How Risk Averse Have We Become?

Something I've written about before is the swing of the pendulum from the 1990s to the 2000s in terms of public priorities for the FDA.    What is the balancing act between risk and benefit when it comes to both … Continue reading

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Taking the F out of FDA….

  Twice with in the past week, the New York Times has carried an article referencing the desire among some to split the Food and Drug Administration into two parts, one that oversees food and one that oversees drugs.  On … Continue reading

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Twitter Communications in a Time of Crisis – The Great Peanut Recall

It would be impossible for you not to have heard that there has been a problem with peanuts that were processed at a particular plant in Georgia, resulting in a salmonella outbreak nationwide.   The  sheer number and volume of product … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Dr. David Acheson, Assistant Commissioner at FDA – Anatomy of the Salmonella Crisis from this Summer

Something very good happened and something kinda bad for me yesterday.  The good part is that I had the opportunity to sit down again with Dr. David Acheson, Assistant Commissioner for the FDA in charge of Food Safety.  The bad … Continue reading

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Salmonella in Jalapeno News Story

This is news footage on the jalapeno find: Share this:

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