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FDA Needs to Be Clear About Social Media

After an extended Thanksgiving break, there has been time to contemplate the upcoming end of the year. Two and a half years ago, the FDA stated that “it was not the medium, it was the message” to sum up its … Continue reading

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New Study on U.S. Drug Shortages Calls for Establishment of Early Warning System

For some time now, there have been shortages in the supply of key drugs, many of which have been key treatments for patients undergoing therapy for extremely serious and life-threatening conditions.  The FDA has developed a page on its website … Continue reading

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FDA Needs Communications Expert Support

On October 3, FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) issued a press release entitled “FDA outlines plans for an outside network of scientific experts“.  The release states that the purpose of the effort is to “plan to create … Continue reading

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FDA Making Transparency Increasingly Clear

This week a number of people took note when the FDA announced the issuance of a report that outlined eight new proposals to increase transparency by allowing greater access to the agency’s compliance and enforcement data.  The eight proposals are … Continue reading

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Reflections on an Abyss – the Facebook Policy Change

Remember when the calendar was turning to the year 2000 and there was a great hand-wringing going on about whether or not Y2K would bring a digital meltdown?  And then the clock ticked, and it didn’t? One was reminded of … Continue reading

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