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FDA Funding – When the Audience Changes, the Message Must Change

On March 11, Dr. Margaret Hamburg presented testimony before the House Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies regarding funding for the FDA.  Her remarks did a capable job of outlining what the FDA does and … Continue reading

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Lettuce Beware! Communications on FDA and Food Safety – 2010 versus 2008

I ate a salad for lunch yesterday.  Only today did I remember that I read in the Washington Post yesterday that there is a recall underway for bagged romaine lettuce and that the recall is expanding per the FDA.  I … Continue reading

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FDA Pioneers New Level of Transparency – An Interview with Dr. Joshua Sharfstein

No kidding.  I mean it. Transparency is one of those buzz words that doesn't really mean much to people, because it means so many things to so many people.  As a result, in some ways, the word has lost its … Continue reading

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Is Congress the New FDA?

Given the dismal track record of the U.S. Senate in the 111th Congress in producing important legislation to improve the lives of Americans, it appears that some of that body's members are looking for new things to do.  In the … Continue reading

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Become a Fan! Shouldn’t FDA Have a Facebook Page?

The FDA has made a clear effort at promoting transparency and engaging consumers more directly with its Transparency Initiative and in putting out requests to get input from the public, such as the recent Part 15 meetings on social media. … Continue reading

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