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If a Tree Falls in the Forest….

If a tree falls in the forest, and almost no one notices, did the tree almost not fall?  Pharmaceutical Executive noticed, but I didn’t notice anyone else notice.  I’m talking about the long-proposed user fee program for the FDA’s Division … Continue reading

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New DTC Oversight Powers Given FDA – Show Me the Money!

I was fascinated to read the RPM Report analysis of the new system that will emerge when the new FDA bill is signed into law.  A new user fee program for review of DTC ads will exist that allows the … Continue reading

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What a Ban on DTC Means for Public Relations

There have been several proposals before Congress which, in one way or another, have the potential to impact the amount of direct-to-consumer advertising (DTC) allowed.   Some would give the FDA authority to restrict such advertising.  Others have called for it … Continue reading

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The News on the News

Since there was so little activity this week given the holiday and the Ford funeral, there is no Weekly Roundup today. But I took the opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  Longtime readers will … Continue reading

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PDUFA Fees to Raise Money for Ad Reviews

And now, for a commercial break. At the precipice of the Congressional turnover, the FDA has reached a tentative agreement regarding the review by the agency of television commercials. According to the Wall Street Journal last week, pharmaceutical companies would … Continue reading

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