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Politics, Public Affairs, Communications and the Affordable Care Act Decision

What does it all mean? A lot is being written about the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act – more than we can digest. There is a good deal about the politics of the matter and several really … Continue reading

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Industry Responses to Supreme Court Ruling on Affordable Care Act

The Supremes finally let lose their long awaited new release yesterday.  It certainly followed that many, many people issued responses.  While a lot of those were noteworthy, and many not, for our purposes, here are excerpts from the ones that … Continue reading

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Perspectives on the Drug Shortage Issue

The issue of drug shortages has surfaced periodically in the news and in policy circles for months, prompting both FDA and the Administration to various actions. For some, it may be an abstract notion – the idea that some drugs … Continue reading

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World AIDS Day – The Past Cannot Be the Future

Thirty years ago this year, the AIDS epidemic began – only at the beginning it did not seem much like an epidemic.  A few people – homosexuals – were noted to have come down with unusual symptoms in New York, … Continue reading

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Less is More – e-Advocacy in a New Budget Era

Early this fall, I wrote a blog posting on the growing role of e-advocacy.  Notably covered was the growing use of social media not only by members of Congress (virtually all members are using Twitter, YouTube and/or Facebook) as a … Continue reading

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