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New Directions for FDA, Part 1 – 21st Century Cures

One of the often stated priorities for lame-duck Congress has been voting on the 21st Century Cures Act. In a press release from Saturday, November 26 from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the House is set to vote on … Continue reading

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Which Way on the Public Health Narrative on Zika?

Back in February in a post entitled “From HIV to Zika – The Role of Communications“, I listed several of the hallmark characteristics involving the communications environment and emerging pathogens, drawing not only on recent observations with respect to Ebola, … Continue reading

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Serious Communications Planning Needed Now for Zika

Election cycle aside, it is going to be a rough summer. As things stand, this will likely become the summer of Zika as the country faces a growing potential for dealing with transmission inside the U.S. and abroad. ¬†As the … Continue reading

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10 Years of Eye on FDA – Looking Back

This month marks a decade of Eye on FDA. A good friend of mine was writing a personal blog, which most blogs were back then, that was well-written and funny and I thought – hey I could do that only … Continue reading

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From HIV to Zika – The Role of Communications

The pathogen may change, but there are aspects of communications during a time of outbreak, particularly involving an emerging pathogen, that seem to be a constant. A few short months ago no one had ever heard of the Zika virus. … Continue reading

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