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Warning Letter Summary thru Third Quarter 2010, Part 2 – the Qualitative Look

A few weeks back, I posted the third quarter numerical report on Warning Letters and Notice of Violation letters issued by the FDA's Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communications (DDMAC).  In that accounting, I reported that there were a … Continue reading

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FDA Launches Proposed New Packaging for Cigarettes

Not much has changed in the cigarette packaging world since the now familiar warning from the Surgeon General appeared on the side of a pack reminding you that smoking can be harmful to your health.  That was 45 years ago. … Continue reading

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Does Record of Product Recalls Reveal Increases During Obama Administration?

This morning during my commute to work (5.5 miles), I received 5 email notices regarding product recall notices.  FDA recall notices include FDA and company generated news about any product that is under the FDA's jurisdiction, which is of course … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 11/05/10

A collective sigh of relief comes to us all this week as the cycle of candidate commercials comes to an end.  I just want to say – we did not approve this message.  One thing is for sure, candidates and … Continue reading

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The Election is Over – Is There an FDA Impact?

Probably. As the results from yesterday's election are digested by various parts of the nation, for those of us with an eye on FDA, one has to wonder if there is any direct impact on the future of the agency … Continue reading

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