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Weekly Roundup – 10/29/10

Last week, I never got to hitting publish on the Weekly Roundup, so this week you get two weeks' worth…  First frost has not yet arrived, but there is anticipation it could happen tonight.  There will be no frost on … Continue reading

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Warning Letter Summary thru Third Quarter 2010, Part 1

(Note:  On November 15, 2010, a correction was made to this post due to a mistake in the count on the number of DDMAC letters issued. By error, two letters from the fourth quarter had been added in.   Apologies … Continue reading

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By the Numbers – Social Media and Pharma

Quantity isn't the important thing really, is it?  When it comes to communications, the issue is quality.  However, when one is looking at social media, presence as expressed through numbers does count.  That is because there is such a unique … Continue reading

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Day One at the Pharma ExL Conference East – Philadelphia

How does one even begin to sort through all of the health care information that is on the Internet today?  Getting health care information is one of the most commonly sought pursuits on the Web. But the volume and variance … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup 10-15-10

Now we are really in the swing of autumn.  Leaves, having lost their access to long hours of sunlight, are now shedding and filling the back deck with reminders of summer.  Halloween candy in gargantuan bags appears in grocery stores … Continue reading

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