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MAD Doctors! FDA Deputizes Docs to do DDMAC Ad Reviews!

 "Paging Dr. Draper!  Paging Dr. Draper!  We have an ad in the examination room that requires your attention, STAT!"  The PA system goes quiet.  In the waiting room, patients shuffle their feet nervously, waiting, waiting, waiting…. Dr. Draper enters the … Continue reading

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Lettuce Beware! Communications on FDA and Food Safety – 2010 versus 2008

I ate a salad for lunch yesterday.  Only today did I remember that I read in the Washington Post yesterday that there is a recall underway for bagged romaine lettuce and that the recall is expanding per the FDA.  I … Continue reading

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The Forest – A Litmus Test for Every Medical Product Marketer

 Sometimes we look at individual regulatory actions and try and read the tea leaves.  What does it say? What does it mean?  What are the new parameters? But it also pays to look at the big picture.  This may seem … Continue reading

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The Shelf Life of Messaging in a Social Media Environment

For some time now, the nature of communications has been changing as people move to new and emerging media to get and spread news.  Prior to the Internet, messages were packed up and shipped out to us via broadcast and … Continue reading

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