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Tweetporting – The Growing Number of Reporters on Twitter

Social media has its roots in being – well, social.  It was people telling other people what they were doing.  "Eating ham sandwich"…. "Picking up the kids"…. "Going to the doctor, ech!" But the ability to add information with a … Continue reading

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Yes They Did! Now What? Opportunities in the Wake of Health Care Reform

 Last night health care reform finally was passed by a vote of 219 to 212 and President Obama will sign it into law.  An enormous amount of unnecessary drama was injected into the process, and that will take some time … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 3/19/10

 Supposedly we are in the home stretch of health care reform, though one has a terrific sense of deja vu about that.  Today Ramsay Baghdadi, Editor of the RPM report tweeted  "My new "whip count": They have 224 "yes" votes … Continue reading

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Twittering FDA – An Analysis of FDA’s Twittering Activity

 The Food and Drug Administration has been dipping its toe into the proverbial social media waters. In this space, I've encouraged FDA to become more involved in Facebook as a means of pushing information out to consumers rather than waiting … Continue reading

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How Social Media is Communications Around Public Health Crises

It has been striking how many earthquakes there have been lately.  Haiti, of course, comes to mind. But since Haiti, there have also been sizeable quakes in Turkey, Taipei, Japan and of course, Chile, and a minor one this week … Continue reading

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