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Is Congress the New FDA?

Given the dismal track record of the U.S. Senate in the 111th Congress in producing important legislation to improve the lives of Americans, it appears that some of that body's members are looking for new things to do.  In the … Continue reading

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Is the Critical Path Initiative in Critical Condition? Is the Advancing Regulatory Science Initiative Replacing the Critical Path?

Does anyone remember the FDA's Critical Path Initiative (CPI)?  Anyone?  Does the FDA even remember the CPI?   The CPI was launched six years ago in 2004 as the "FDA's national strategy for transforming the way that FDA-regulated products are … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 02/19/10

 We wind down another week and slowly – ever so slowly – the blizzard of last week begins to disappear, though the traffic effects linger on… and on… and on.  And the blizzard didn't stop the government from doing nothing … Continue reading

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Become a Fan! Shouldn’t FDA Have a Facebook Page?

The FDA has made a clear effort at promoting transparency and engaging consumers more directly with its Transparency Initiative and in putting out requests to get input from the public, such as the recent Part 15 meetings on social media. … Continue reading

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McCain Moves to Give FDA More Authority Over Supplements

 On February 4, Senator John McCain introduced S.3002 entitled the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010.  If anyone wants to introduce a topic where there should be bipartisan support, this is it.  In prior sessions of Congress, Senator Dick Durbin … Continue reading

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