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Sebelius in – Now Give Us Hamburg Stat! The Swine Flu Outbreak Waits for No Senate.

Time is racing against politics which is racing against time.   Yesterday the Senate finally confirmed the appointment of Kathleen Sebelius as HHS Secretary and she resigned her post as governor of Kansas.  Given the unfolding events from last week … Continue reading

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Are Increased Foreign Inspections of Plants the Answer to Better Risk Management?

This week, Senators Kennedy and Grassley announced that they were reviving a legislative proposal from the last Congress that would increase the ability of the FDA to conduct foreign inspections of manufacturing facilities for drugs and devices where components are … Continue reading

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This is Not a Drill – What the Mexican Swine Flu Outbreak Means for Public Health and the Pharma Industry

For many years now, public health officials have been watching with worry for signs that the Avian flu virus might leap from birds to humans and become transmissible in a way that brings the onset of a flu pandemic not … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup 4/24/09

I have not had a case of blog-fade, I am merely incredibly busy of late, which has made posting a challenge.  Many mornings lately have involved 4:30 AM wakeups.  You know how it is.  There is comfort in unusually beautiful … Continue reading

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Will the Real FDA YouTube Channel Please Stand Up?

In addition to the confusion sown by FDA's recent regulatory actions, there is digital confusion of another sort regarding the Food and Drug Administration.  The FDA appears to have more than one YouTube channel with varying degrees of information and … Continue reading

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