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Weekly Roundup – 2/27/09

February is nearly over.  Traditionally, February has never been my favorite month.  The short days start getting on my nerves, the weather is usually unpleasant – the brisk winds that were so refreshing in October are downright bone-chilling by February. … Continue reading

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Winds of Change – Newspaper Bankruptcies and Financial Woes

This is not a financial story.  It is a story about communications.  Yesterday I posted about the emergence of a Social Media Release (SMR) and outlined how it works – by targeting readers with pre-disposed interest and fanning the flames … Continue reading

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The Press Release Then, Now and Tomorrow

A press release used to be sent out by fax and later email.  They got picked up and printed and then people who wanted to read the article in the publication might.  They might clip it out and send it to … Continue reading

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FDA Presentation on Responses to 483s

    What?  What is a 483? A 483 is the vernacular for an FDA inspection of quality standards, manufacturing or the conduct of a clinical trial, and the discovery of deficiencies therein.  In other words, theygo through your manufacturing facility, for … Continue reading

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What Does a Sebelius HHS Look Like?

Since the withdrawal of Tom Daschle for Secretary of Health and Human Services due to tax non-payment issues, there has been a somewhat urgent effort to find a replacement nominee, presumably someone whose taxes have been reviewed with a fine … Continue reading

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