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MedReg Wins the Battles, Loses the War

In pharmaceutical companies there is a department called Medical/Regulatory, MedReg for short, that among other things, reviews promotional communications content and form to ensure that it falls within the heavily drawn regulatory parameters outlined by the FDA.  MedReg is made … Continue reading

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Morningstar on the Wyeth/Pfizer News

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The Importance of Being Washington – The GAO Outlines FDA Reforms

Not the man, the city.   On Sunday, January 25, the Washington Post carried an article entitled "The Height of Power – As Other American Fiefdoms Fade, Washington Looms Larger than Ever."  It was a very interesting article analyzing the current … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 01/23/09

Late posting today – Typepad was curiously uncooperative today.   This week we saw the end of one Administration and the beginning of another, but we also saw more than that.  We saw that America once again stood apart from … Continue reading

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The New Acting FDA Commissioner – Frank Torti

We have seen the big change with the Inauguration of President Obama.  In our smaller world concerned with the FDA, there has also been significant change.  Dr. Andrew C. von Eschenbach has left the FDA effective January 20, leaving Dr. … Continue reading

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