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Boehringer Ingelheim Announces Cooperation with HISOAR in China

It is poetic that following the close of the Olympics in Beijing – an event that went very well in spite of all the worries leading up to it – that Boehringer Ingelheim announces a cooperation deal with a Chinese … Continue reading

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I Take it Back

It appears LillyDiabetes has closed their YouTube channel.  Share this:

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Another Pharma Enters the Digital Age of YouTube -Welcome LillyDiabetes

Washington is crawling.  I mean slow.  It is the slowest news week of the year here.  Everyone is gone.  So you may have noticed that I’ve taken the opportunity to explore digital communications more deeply.  The slowness is one reason, … Continue reading

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More About the Eye on FDA YouTube Channel

I really don’t understand why more pharmas and more insurers aren’t doing YouTube.  If I were a large insurer, I would so open up a health channel and then have playlists on diabetes prevention, smoking cessation and an entire health … Continue reading

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Should Doctors and Pharmacists Have a Moral Objection to Treatment?

The Washington Post reports today that the California Supreme Court ruled day before yesterday that physicians do not have the right to withhold care from a patient on the basis of the patient’s sexual orientation.  Meanwhile, this summer, religious conservatives … Continue reading

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