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Following My Twittering

As I mentioned on Friday, I have begun twittering.  I really like it.  It allows me to "micro-blog" on topics I might otherwise not cover in the course of posting.  It also allows me to feed in news blurbs real … Continue reading

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Increasing DTC in a Time of Trouble

There is news out from the Direct Marketing Association  as reported by Pharmaceutical Executive that forecasts that as the result of a number of events and issues, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing is poised to pick up quite a bit this year … Continue reading

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Earthquake Hits! The Tectonic Plates of Trust Shift

An earthquake struck the area where I grew up last week and again this weekend in southern Illinois.  Shocking.  But it wasn’t the first earthquake of the week.  Aftershocks continue.  The JAMA report last week measured very high on the … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 04/18/08

It was an incredibly beautiful week here inside the Beltway with crystal blue skies and today temperatures are going into the mid-80s.  A lot has been happening on many fronts, and here is a little of what has happened in … Continue reading

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A Reimbursement Policy to Die For

The image of the pharmaceutical industry has seen some battering.  Pricing issues, recalls, product withdrawals, clinical trial practices, me-too products, some marketing efforts, all have eroded the image of the industry that in essence often brings miracles and therefore people … Continue reading

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