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Get von Eschenbach to the Mike

As anyone can see who visits the actual Eye on FDA site, there is a great deal of legislation that is being considered by Congress for passage.  Some of it involves fundamental changes to the way that the FDA does, … Continue reading

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State Status on HPV Mandates

Recently I have submitted posts regarding the executive order issued by Texas governor Rick Perry that mandated HPV vaccine Gardasil for teenage girls and on the Merck decision to pull back its lobbying program related to the same. The New … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 02/23/07

The focus this week is on safety, safety, safety.  In addition to the drug actions taken below, there were safety warnings on baby food due to a possible botulism connection and one on peanut butter due to salmonella.  FDA Proposes … Continue reading

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U-Turn on Gardasil Program – Balancing Product Promotion with Corporate Reputation

As we have all heard by now, Merck has decided to cease its lobbying efforts to promote its position that its HPV vaccine Gardasil should be mandatory for children. The HPV vaccine program has been fraught with controversy.  First, while … Continue reading

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This is Your State… This is Your State on Drugs – An Intermittent Series

I always enjoy taking a tour and looking at what the states are doing during their respective legislative sessions that would impact the pharmaceutical industry.  I visited the sites of several state legislatures – states I regard as healthcare bellwether … Continue reading

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