Plan B Approved!!!

J0402585 A hearty congratulations to Dr. Andrew C. von Eschenbach for doing the right thing and moving Plan B from prescription to over-the-counter today when the FDA issued official notice of the Plan B Approval

The delay of the Plan B switch signaled a serious departure by the FDA from evidence-based decision-making to being an agency that bends to the political needs of an Administration that wishes to appeal to a particular sector of voters.

The move to approve does demonstrate a huge quantity and quality of leadership on behalf of Dr. von Eschenbach.  It eliminates the need to a recess appointment and opens the way for confirmation by the Senate.  The combined effect goes a long way to restoring credibility to this fine agency after a long period of erosion. 

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One Response to Plan B Approved!!!

  1. Ed Vawter says:

    Mark, I agree that its time and definitely a step in the right direction. I am hopeful this signal a turning point for the FDA back to protecting the health and welfare based on solid scientific evidence. Note that I didn’t use the words “sound science” which is conservative speak for only science that agrees with their beliefs.
    I also posted a brief mention of this on my blog: