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Weekly Roundup – 4/29/06

As part of a new feature, I’ve designated Friday’s as mop-up time – a review of what happened during the week with handy links to the sources. GAO Issues Review of FDA on Safety – Unless you had been living … Continue reading

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Making Lemons out of Lemonade – When Good News Still Sounds Bad

Well, there was good news and there was bad news. A few years back, a story in USA Today revealed that a large number of FDA Advisory Committee members had financial ties to the industry.  It was, if I recall, … Continue reading

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The Cost to Public Image of Delayed Generics

Yesterday there was an article carried in the Washington Post stating that, according to an FTC report, brand name drug companies are increasingly prone to reaching deals with generic companies to delay their entry onto the market.  In essence, a … Continue reading

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Psychiatry, DSM and Drug Companies

There has recently been a lot of hullabaloo about the fact that a large number of psychiatrists associated with writing the guidelines contained in the DSM manual have had past connections to drug companies according to recent reports.  I am … Continue reading

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My Take on the Toke – The FDA, Marijuana, Plan B, Politics and Bad Communications

Last week, the FDA issued a statement to the effect that marijuana has no medical value.  Unfortunately, the FDA’s credibility on scientific decisions that have political issues associated with them has been wantonly squandered by agency’s inaction on the RX-OTC … Continue reading

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