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FDA Summing up 2005

It is Friday, and true to my developing tradition, I am going to softball it by delivering just a short and sweet message. But yesterday, FDA actually delivered a lengthy one by issuing a press release today summing up the … Continue reading

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A Comment on Public Comment

During FDA Advisory Committee meetings, there is an Open Public Comment period that is scheduled to permit concerned members of the public to comment on the issues before the advisory committee.  Those who sign up are asked, in the interests … Continue reading

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If this Little Piggy Goes to Market – Will the Consumer Stay Home?

  A big story yesterday was centered on scientists making a genetically engineered pig that when eaten, rather than producing Omega-6 into your system, brought the sought after Omega-3.  Getting the benefits of salmon while eating pork chops! It’s a … Continue reading

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States Take Aim at Marketing Costs

Recall my recent posting of March 21, 2006 regarding the President’s call for more transparency in health care.  Some states aren’t waiting for an answer to that call, they are moving on their own. Last month, Julie Appleby reported in … Continue reading

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This is Your State… This is Your State on Drugs

When state legislatures tire of waiting for federal action, they often begin to take the initiative themselves.  For example, consider that while legislation has been introduced into Congress to affect the FDA Office of Drug Safety, there is legislation being … Continue reading

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